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In the heart of the Midwest, Kansas’ long-term care facilities are pivotal in nurturing the health of their residents. These centers must adeptly handle regulatory adherence, budget management, staffing, and more. Such services are critical, influencing residents’ physical, mental, and emotional states. Selecting an adept contract therapy provider in Kansas is, therefore, essential.

TMC emerges as a leader in Kansas for contract therapy services. We’re committed to both delivering outstanding care and bolstering the financial success of your facility.

Why Choose TMC for Contract Therapy in Kansas

  • Unrivaled Expertise: Our physical, occupational, and speech therapists boast extensive training and experience, specializing in diverse areas to ensure tailored therapy plans for every resident.
  • Quality Care: Our ‘Mindful Care’ philosophy is at the core of our services, focusing on each resident’s cognitive capabilities to maximize treatment outcomes.
  • Extensive Services: Beyond therapy, we offer a suite of services including census development, MDS coding optimization, and denial management, enhancing your facility’s financial and operational robustness.
  • Demonstrated Outcomes: Our commitment to evidence-based programs and advanced therapy software has consistently led to improved patient results, decreased hospital readmissions, and more efficient care delivery.

Enhancing Kansas’ SNFs, ILs, ALs, CCRCs, and More

TMC’s specialized solutions are crafted to elevate Kansas’ long-term care facilities:

  • Census Development: Our PAC Partnership is renowned for increasing short-stay admissions, enabling facilities to optimize referrals and foster revenue and census expansion.
  • MDS Coding Support: The Premier Coding team at TMC ensures a notable daily revenue boost per patient, guaranteeing precise documentation and adherence to regulations.
  • Denial Management: With a success rate surpassing 95%, our Denials team excels at recouping funds lost to CMS denials, thus mitigating financial burdens and enhancing patient care and facility operations.

Select TMC for Contract Therapy in Kansas

Click the button below to reach out to TMC. We can explore how our all-encompassing contract therapy solutions can elevate your Kansas facility to provide exceptional care and achieve lasting success. Get in touch via our contact page, or call 1-800-804-9961. Partner with TMC to positively transform the lives of your residents, and your facility’s success

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Our core values are at the very foundation of who we are and what we do. Our team’s collective mission is to provide an exceptional customer experience for the patients and organizations we serve.

Hear a message from our Co-Founder & CEO, Dreama Waldrop, about TMC’s four core values.

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