TMC is unique as a privately-owned, nationwide contract therapy company, providing physical, occupational, and speech therapy services.  TMC was founded in 1995, and provides services throughout the United States.  Settings we provide services in include Skilled Nursing Facilities, Life Plan Communities (CCRCs), Assisted Living Communities, Independent Living Communities, Out-patient Clinics, Hospitals, Home Health Care, and Physician practices.

TMC strives to be the preferred therapy provider and employer in all communities we serve.  We make a positive difference by delivering compassionate, superior care to all. Our foundational commitment to service excellence creates loyal customers and cultivates the best working environment for our TMC family. Our success is built on unwavering integrity, ethics, and an environment of innovation.

We Do What We DO


Our core values are at the very foundation of who we are and what we do. Our team’s collective mission is to provide an exceptional customer experience for the patients and organizations we serve.

Hear a message from our Co-Founder & CEO, Dreama Waldrop, about TMC’s four core values.

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In an ever-changing healthcare environment, our focus is to provide patient-centered care resulting in optimal outcomes and cost-effective services. Partnership with TMC can take various forms, depending on the needs of you and your teams.

TMC’s Full-Service Partnership model brings the fullness of TMC’s depth of experience, leadership and service excellence to all programs and services. TMC would employ all of the therapy staff to deliver a comprehensive clinical program and execution of solution-driven services, allowing the customer to focus on other priorities.


  • Payroll and benefit costs are held by TMC, not the provider 
  • Customer only bears expense of patient care provided 
  • TMC remains fully responsible for implementation and delivery of all clinical programs 
  • Customer has access to all TMC resources and deliverables
  • Census, recruiting, denial, and marketing support included
  • Monthly strategic business review 

You Might be wondering...


Here are some answers to some of the most common questions we get about TMC:

TMC is unique as a privately-owned, nationwide contract therapy company, providing physical, occupational, and speech therapy services in long-term care facilities. TMC strives to be the preferred therapy provider and employer in all communities we serve. We make a positive difference by delivering compassionate, superior care to all, while also offering revenue enhancement opportunities to help foster your success. Our foundational commitment to service excellence creates loyal customers and cultivates the best working environment for our TMC family. Our success is built on unwavering integrity, ethics, and an environment of innovation.

Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin. We are also equipped and available to serve in other states as well.

Contract therapy, also known as therapy management services, is an arrangement where long-term care facilities partner with external therapy providers to deliver specialized services to their residents. These providers are typically companies or agencies that manage a team of qualified therapists. Click HERE to learn more about contract therapy. 

While opting for in-house therapists might seem straightforward, there are numerous benefits associated with choosing contract therapy for long-term care, including access to specialized expertise, continuity of care, cost-effectiveness, reduced administrative burden, flexibility, risk management, and more. For more information about why contract therapy may be right for your facility, click HERE.

Absolutely! We conduct in-services for all of our customers. TMC team members provide in-services based on the needs of the community. Our therapy teams and support departments can work with the customer to determine the best method of delivery to ensure the information is presented to the necessary stakeholders and care partners.

TMC offers wellness programing as part of our full-service contract. Our programs and service delivery model are designed to create a high level of service excellence based on our knowledge and experience accumulated throughout our 20+ years in the long-term care industry. 
TMC will work with your wellness/fitness personnel to design a program for your site. Your unique program will be focused on enhancing existing programs, integrating services between your SNF, AL, IL, and Home Health to develop a full spectrum of Senior Wellness services based on our UpIT! Wellness programming. 

Yes, TMC provides therapy services through home health agencies that our customers are partnered withContinuity of care through an ongoing relationship with a therapist promotes enhanced coordinated care, efficiently achieves better functional outcomes and reduces re-hospitalization riskTMC is committed to improving the quality of life for the patients we serve and this model facilitates that goal.

TMC provides a wide range of clinical programs from our Clinical Catalog for both long-stay and short-stay residents. TMC’s clinical programs are included in our standard contracts. We can also develop new programs that benefit our patients at no additional cost. 

TMC recognizes the need for Respiratory intervention in the long-term care and SNF population under PDPM, and TMC offers and supports the management of Respiratory Therapists. We also offer the hiring of Respiratory Therapists in our facilities and the staff training can be tailored to meet the needs of any SNF. 

Yes, TMC provides MDS consulting services to our clients. First, our Premier Coding can help make recommendations and provide education to assist facilities in seeing a more than $30 per patient per day increase, on average. Additionally, our Remote MDS service can replace the functionality of an on-site MDS nurse, going beyond recommendations and actually providing coding services for your facility. We work collaboratively with our clients to create the highest quality care plan for each patient and receive the maximum reimbursement for the services provided.

Our Census Development department facilitates relationships between the community team and local referral sources in the market. After we review your market analysis, we conduct research to identify key decision makers, organization infrastructures, clinical program opportunities, referral patterns, and pain points.  
In addition to our standard market analysis, we have a database of Shared Savings Program ACO’s in your state. We can provide the ACO name, track (Basic A-E or Advanced), Exec and Public contact names/emails/phone, SNF affiliates (with 3-day waivers) and participants (Acute Care Hospital, Physicians/Physician Group). TMC has negotiated discounted rates for our customers with a national Medicare advantage consultant.

Our proprietary therapy software is able to interface with PointClickCare, AHT, MatrixCare, MyUnity and Athena.

We know how important relationships and continuity of care is to you, your residents and community. Our goal is to retain and grow your therapy team as part of our commitment to clinical excellence and a smooth transitionWe provide a thorough review of your contractual non-compete obligations and help to navigate the next steps based on ethical business practices to hire the best team possible for your therapy program.

Yes. We always want to financially align our delivery of care with the facility’s reimbursement, while ensuring quality patient care and positive outcomes.

Partnerships lasting longer than 2 years
Customer ranking for "consistent communication"
Customer ranking for "proactive education"
Employees participating in charitable efforts

Our History


TMC has been in business for nearly 30 years. TMC has provided therapy services in long-term care (LTC) since 1995. Owners Dreama and Mark Waldrop both have extensive knowledge and experience with the LTC population and bring over 70 years of experience caring for those who are in need. Dreama Waldrop has more than 30 years of experience as a licensed physical therapist, while Mark Waldrop was a nursing home administrator and COO of 55 nursing homes before his involvement with TMC.

Founding of TMC
Mark and Dreama Waldrop found TMC: Therapy Management Company in Citrus County, FL
First Expansion Beyond Florida
2006 marked our first partnership out of the state of Florida, as we began caring for patients in Texas. TMC now partners with facilites from Florida to Wisconsin, from New Jersey to California.
First Therapy Software Created
Innovation is at our core, and 2002 marked the launch of our first therapy software application
Hedgehog Committee Formed
Group committed to delivering info and receiving feedback from clinicians and other team members in the field was created, highlighting our commitment to caring for our teams.
First Clinical Excellence Programs Established
Clinical outcomes matter, but treatment protocols vary based on a patient's needs. Our clinical programs are tailored towards the conditions facing the patients in our care.
Charitable Organization Established
Our non-profit organization, "Together Making Changes," has raised over $1,500,000 for worthy organizations.
"All In" Recognition Program Launched
We love recognizing the great work of our teams, and awarding "All In" points is just one way we do that!
Census Division Launched
Our Census Development team plays a vital role in ensuring our partners receive the referrals they deserve, increasing census and driving revenue.
25th Anniversary
2020 brought a lot of challenges, but also great joy as we celebrated 25 years of making a positive impact in the lives of everyone we serve!
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A 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization, Together Making Changes provides assistance to various initiatives supported by TMC team members, residents, and patients. Together Making Changes serves as the catalyst for passionate people to enrich the lives of those we touch in the communities we serve.

Current Service Areas


From Washington to Connecticut, Texas to Michigan, TMC is making a difference nationwide, and growing each year.