Innovation is one of TMC’s four core values, and nowhere is our innovation more evident than in the software solutions we have developed to assist in the care and documentation for our patients.

Ignite Therapy Solutions is TMC’s proprietary software system. What sets Ignite apart from the cookie-cutter programs that many therapy companies use is the ability to modify and customize the program as needed to rapidly keep up with industry changes, customer demands, and improved practice patterns. In addition, Ignite can provide a full suite of outcomes reporting for specific DRGs including LOS, functional gains, re-hospitalization rates, and discharge patterns to advise administration on opportunities as well as risk areas.


Ignite is TMC’s new therapy software that will take documentation and management oversight to the next level with features to improve continuous quality improvement, analyze data in new ways to promote better outcomes, and increase the speed and efficiency of the care delivery model. Our proprietary therapy software is able to interface with PointClickCare, AHT, MatrixCare, MyUnity and Athena.  Additionally, TMC’s predictive software enhances our ability to provide person-centered care in a cost-efficient manner, resulting in improved outcomes.


  • Prove through evidenced-based studies 
  • Improves efficiency that will create better patient care and superior outcomes a a lower cost 
  • Designed to eliminate inefficient intervention to focus therapists on activities that have the greatest positive impact on their patients 
  • Improved interdisciplinary care planning 
  • Streamlined documentation 
  • Patient-specific best practice information at the therapists’ fingertips 
  • Developed by therapists who understand the importance of staying focused on patients 

Ignite includes programmed safeguards and mandatory completion of all CMS guideline components to prevent lost revenue through denials. Compliance-centered programming promotes industry-leading awareness of patient-centered needs and individualized delivery of care. What’s more, Ignite is different in even more ways. For instance, TMC’s revolutionary software goes beyond billing and documentation: 

  • Prompts therapists to provide comprehensive documentation for each patient treated 
  • Offers an extensive selection of reports which can be customized per customer need 
  • Integration abilities with facility billing software 
  • All documents are scanned into our system for quick access to information at any time
TMC’s software is capable of capturing all relevant data for Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) reporting purposes. Our PBJ report can be retrieved from our customer portal. This allows our customers to pull the data at their convenience for their preferred timeframe submission. The data is available in realtime and when run will download directly to the user’s computer in the CMSrequired format.

Candidate Perspective 

TMC’s software for documentation includes reminders and safeguards for different CMS requirements. Team members will receive these automatic prompts if supervision is required, or a progress note is due. Additionally, evaluation templates are used to help meet the needs of our patients. These templates contain preloaded evaluation models based on the type of patient being treated. Specialty evaluations drive the clinical pathways for the given diagnosis for the promotion of evidence-based care and optimum clinical outcomes.

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