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contract-therapy-company-revenue-enhancementAll too often, long-term care facilities think only in terms of the therapy invoice when choosing a therapy partner. Selecting a contract therapy company, however, is about much more than that – even when considering value as a primary concern. TMC has a suite of solution-driven services intended to both increase revenue you’re not currently seeing and preserve revenue that you might currently be losing. Whether that means improving your census, increasing reimbursement through improved coding, preserving revenue through denials management, or saving time and money through dedicated staff recruiting, we can help improve your bottom line. All while providing industry-leading care to your residents.



There are many ways to see just how big of an impact our revenue enhancement programs can have for our partners.  Consider, for instance, a typical in-house therapy program, and learn just how much our solution-driven services can mean to their operations.

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TMC provides a data-driven census plan through our Post-Acute Care (PAC) Partnership. Our goal is to increase referrals, resulting in increased volume of new short-stay admissions.


Our coding integrity specialists  collaborate with your MDS team and create a recommendation report. Alternatively, our remote MDS team can serve as your facility’s MDS department.


TMC’s Denial Prevention and Management Department helps facilities see as high as a 95% denial turnover rate, and manages documentation requests to prevent denials in the first place.

Our industry’s greatest challenge is staffing and retention. We have a dedicated service to ensure that our customers are well-staffed, saving your HR department time and money.


I have had the pleasure of working with TMC for the past 4 years, and was so pleased with their services in Alabama, that we decided to partner with them in a second state with great success. TMC employs seasoned, local managers who meet regularly with our facility teams and provide excellent support to the therapists assigned to my facilities. Their software is cutting edge and has helped us succeed in today’s post-acute arena. Their census program has also greatly assisted us with admissions in one of our rural programs. I made the right decision when I decided to partner with TMC, and would say they are one of the most stable and proactive contract therapy companies I have ever worked with.
Chief Operating Officer
Skilled Nursing Facility Chain


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