TMC offers many opportunities for students to complete their clinical affiliations and fieldwork experience in a variety of rehab settings. What makes our experience different from many others you may hear about is that we genuinely care about the people who work with us.

Because we’re as dedicated to your professional growth as we are to our own, we’ll provide you with the tools to succeed. You’ll be offered educational resources, new grad mentoring, a management-training program, and plenty of opportunities for advancement. Sometimes, as you’ll see in Scott’s story, it turns into a great opportunity to start your career.

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We partner with universities in a variety of states to place students at programs. Visit this link to fill out a placement form!


We believe service excellence is provided through one patient encounter, one new hire, one phone call, one customer connection, and one extraordinary small experience at a time.

We see every patient experience as another chance to help restore the physical and emotional quality of life for those we serve. We do this through the skills of our hands and the integrity of our hearts.

In everything we do, we seek to create new opportunities to improve the quality of care we provide, establish best practices, and foster an environment where innovation is encouraged and welcomed.

TMC exists to make a difference. That’s why giving of our time, talents, and treasures is one of the core principles that is helping take TMC from “good” to “great” as a company. In fact, our teams have given back over one million dollars to charitable causes over the years!


Search for roles available right now to further your career and make a difference with TMC!