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If you are looking for a contract therapy provider in Colorado, the choice is simple: TMC. TMC is a privately-owned, nationwide company that provides high-quality physical, occupational, and speech therapy services to long-term care facilities in the Centennial State. Not only that, TMC also offers comprehensive support and solutions that help facilities to enhance their revenue, efficiency, and patient care. We have been serving the health care industry since 1995, and are grateful to serve in Colorado.

What makes TMC different from other contract therapy providers in Colorado? Here are some of the benefits of partnering with TMC.

Why Choose TMC for Contract Therapy in Colorado

  • You get customized therapy services that fit your specific needs. Naturally, our therapists are highly trained, experienced, and certified in various specialties and programs. Moreover, TMC’s Clinical Catalog includes dozens of programs oriented towards both long-term and short-term care. All programs are delivered through a “Mindful Care” approach, which considers the patient’s level of cognitive ability and tailors the treatment accordingly. This unique strategy leads to better outcomes, less rehospitalization, and more efficient treatment.
  • We provide more than just therapy services. Additionally, TMC helps you to retain and increase your revenue, streamline your operational processes, and ensure your sustainable growth and profitability. TMC’s solution-driven services include:
    • Census Development: TMC’s Post-Acute Care Partnership (PAC Partnership) helps you to increase your short-stay admissions by 10% or more, on average. This strategic initiative helps you to maximize your census growth, unlocking new opportunities for revenue generation.
    • MDS Coding Support: TMC’s Premier Coding team helps you to optimize your MDS Coding practices, resulting in an average increase of over $30 per patient, per day. This program helps you to ensure accurate documentation, compliance, and enhanced revenue capture.
    • Denial Management: TMC’s Denials team helps you to recover your lost revenue through the CMS denials process, with an impressive success rate of over 95%. This service helps you to reduce the financial pressure from denials, redirecting resources towards improving patient care and facility operations.
    • Nurse and Staff Recruiting: TMC’s Nurse and Staff Recruiting helps you to save time and money by using proven processes and procedures to bring in the best candidates, while saving the HR staff 4 hours per screened applicant. This service helps you to overcome the challenges of staff shortage, turnover, and retention.
  • Finally, we focus on comprehensive support and innovation. TMC provides you with innovative technology and software to enhance the quality and delivery of care. We also provide you with nurse and staff recruiting programs, and a diverse catalog of clinical programs. Our culture embraces innovation and best practices, and empowers you to deliver exceptional care while maintaining a steadfast commitment to service excellence.

Your Colorado Contract Therapy Partner

Above all, TMC is the ideal choice for therapy in Colorado, offering unmatched expertise, innovative solutions, and tangible results. By partnering with TMC, you can unlock new opportunities for growth, efficiency, and superior patient care. To learn more about TMC and its services, visit our contact page or call (800) 804-9961. TMC is ready to serve you and make a difference in your facility and your residents.

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Our core values are at the very foundation of who we are and what we do. Our team’s collective mission is to provide an exceptional customer experience for the patients and organizations we serve.

Hear a message from our Co-Founder & CEO, Dreama Waldrop, about TMC’s four core values.

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