Therapy at Home: TMC’s Offering for Reclaimed Independence

TMC is known for offering an impressive catalogue of therapy programs that improve outcomes in long-term care environments. Imagine, however, receiving high-quality physical therapy without ever leaving your house. That’s the reality with TMC’s Therapy at Home program. As Sean Meehan, Director of TMC’s program, puts it, “We’re bringing the clinic to you.” This innovative program offers one-on-one care designed to get you back to a pain-free lifestyle.

TMC boasts superior outcomes, as Meehan explains. “Our therapy has seen over 80% of patients reaching their goals and their highest level achievable, along with an under 4% re-hospitalization rate.”

TMC’s Therapy at Home

Bill Weise, a long-term care resident who had therapy in his home before knee surgery, is a testament to the program’s effectiveness. “Afterwards,” Bill says, “I’m able to do just about everything I need to do. Residents around here are all telling me that ‘the way you walk, you’d never know you had a procedure.’ It’s wonderful, it’s a no brainer. Just do it.”

Why Choose Therapy at Home?

There are many reasons to choose this groundbreaking program:

  • Convenience:
    Eliminate the hassle of traveling to a clinic. Receive therapy in the comfort and familiarity of your own home.
  • Improved outcomes:
    Studies and TMC’s own data show higher patient success rates and lower re-hospitalization with in-home therapy.
  • Personalized care:
    TMC therapists create a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and goals, using the “Mindful Care” approach that considers cognitive ability for optimal results.
  • Increased compliance:
    Pete Wang, PT, highlights a key benefit: “Compliance is not as high when you have to go to a clinic. But with this program, you’re more likely to be compliant with your therapy sessions and overall program.” TMC’s flexible scheduling allows for more frequent therapy sessions, maximizing your progress.
  • Cost-effective:
    The program is covered by Medicare Part B insurance, making it an affordable option for many patients.

Who is Eligible?

TMC’s Therapy at Home program is available to patients who:

  • Live within 10 miles or 30 minutes of a participating TMC facility.
  • Are covered by Medicare Part B benefits.
  • Are a good candidate for outpatient therapy (you don’t need to be considered “homebound”).

Get Started With Therapy at Home Today!

If you’re looking to regain your independence and improve your mobility, TMC’s Therapy at Home program could be the perfect solution. Contact your doctor or a local TMC facility to learn more and see if you’re a good candidate. Take control of your health and well-being from the comfort of your own home!