I-SNP Basics Webinar

I-SNPs, D-SNPs, and C-SNPs oh my!

In part one of our two-part series on I-SNPs, our PAC Partnership Strategist, Mike Wetula, provides a general overview of Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans, focusing on I-SNP industry drivers and considerations. Between all three special needs plans, enrollment is almost 7 million, which accounts for just over 20% of the Medicare Advantage Plan total enrollment. These plans are steadily gaining momentum in our industry, so it’s becoming increasingly important to have a baseline understanding of what’s being offered to Medicare-eligible beneficiaries.

Join us Wednesday or Thursday at 11:00 AM CST and 1:00 PM CST to learn about these special needs plans and what considerations to be aware of as a SNF operator.

Click HERE to save your seat for one of our sessions! Mike will be back next month with a panelist from Guided Care for part two.